Ticol Tcl - Screenshots

Ticol Version 1.26 on Windows 7 Pro x 64, after running the current autoexec.tcl (No Tcl script file is loaded)

ticol-v1.26.png (13219 bytes)

Using a struct and calling the MSVC runtime via [calldll]

msvc-api-localtime-x450.png (44224 bytes)

Ticol CLI code highlighting allows you to browse the Macro Preprocessed source before executing

load test_proc_static

code-highlight-x450.png (69885 bytes)

For comparison, Ticol Tcl - Hanoi 17, v's C++ EXE Hanoi 17
ticol-hanoi-17.png (4365 bytes)
hanoi-exe-17.png (3382 bytes)
Towers of Hanoi (17 hoops) analysed with the /G performance analysis graph option
The slow execution time is caused by the call trace recording. This adds a significant time-cost to non-endpoint routines

hanoi17-g.png (10053 bytes)

ticol_bmp.dll plugin showing a spinoff feature in the ability to display small graphic BMP images at the console. This means that custom logos can be added to Tcl and batch scripts

bmp_graph-x450.png (68598 bytes)

Ticol version 1.26 running on MicroApache in Web CGI mode and serving script info.tclcgi-info-1-x450.png (134498 bytes)


Showing discovered plugins (not loaded plugins) and exported commands available

cgi-info-2-x450.png (82906 bytes)

Some modules omitted...

cgi-info-3-x450.png (169236 bytes)

Single-step debugger and watch showing variable coming into scope on single-stepping
Watches are defined earlier in the code and conditionally-enabled when required

screenshot-watch.png (18505 bytes)

Windows NT4 SP6a running in QEMU emulator. NT4 still makes for a very good test VM

windows-nt4-x450.png (244934 bytes)

Ticol version 1.26 running on ReactOS 0.4.8 under VirtualBox

ros-0.4.8-ticol-1.26-x450.png (64765 bytes)

Ticol version 1.26 on ReactOS 0.4.8 showing current unit test status *PASS*

ros-0.4.8-ticol-1.26-tests-x450.png (71594 bytes)

Dbase (XBase) - Iterate records

screenshot-xbase-1.png (15651 bytes)

Running on Windows 98 on Toshiba Libretto handheld via VNC
The gethostname API call fails for $h on Win98 but this is not really worth fixing

libretto-win98-x450.png (81141 bytes)

A graphic representation of [fib 10000] using the IEEE numeric colour code

lib ticol_bignum
big graph [big fib 10000]]

fib1000-x450.png (75298 bytes)

Web CGI Fibonacci 299 trace

cgi-fib-300-x450.png (105951 bytes)

Pinging a host using plugin lib ticol_ping with user cancel and [at_exit] cleanup of plugins

slibping-x450.png (43016 bytes)

[bmp graph] displaying the pixel map of a BMP file which has been created by [bmp -encrypt]

bmp-graph-x450.png (4409 bytes)

Windows 2000 sending mail via ticol_mail.dll plugin and via MailQ mailserver to Outlook Express

win2k-mail-x450.png (139716 bytes)

Ticol C like enums

enum-crop.png (3033 bytes)

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