The Steve Boyce Band formed as a three piece in 1977 comprising Steve Boyce on guitar and vocals, Rick Luck on bass, and Jerry Wickings on drums. Two months later Ronni Sims joined on guitar giving the band the now distinctive twin lead sound. The band worked hard, writing and gigging for the first six months until Steve realised he could do more good as a backing vocalist and to concentrate on his guitar playing. Thus Kevin McCrea was drafted in on lead vocals. Mid 1978, Jerry Wickings decided to accept the university place he was offered and had to quit the band. Ex-Evil Weasel drummer, Trevor McBride was brought in as a replacement. Many people view this as the classic line up.

The Steve Boyce Band By the end of 1978, new management took the band on and immediately made changes. Out went McCrea who was disillusioned with the whole thing anyway and in came Diz Nelson on vocals. There was a shift towards a more commercial sound which alienated many of the band's original following but found favour within the industry. By the end of 1979 every major record company had checked out the band and WEA (Warner Brothers) put up some studio time for the band. This proved fruitless as the band and the record company could not agree on a style. 1980 found the band very disenchanted with the whole business. They lost their record deal, they fell out with the management and finally sacked the singer.

The remaining four members decided to soldier on for a few months going back their hard rock sound but the damage was done. By September that year, the band broke up and everyone breathed a sigh of relief. Fast forward to 1997, a fan and friend of the band wanted to put on one last gig. The band played in Eastbourne but Steve's heart wasn't in it and he vowed never to do it again.

The moral to this story is "never say never" as the band reconvened under different circumstances in 2007. Trevor McBride succumbed to throat cancer in Dec 2006. At the funeral the band decided to do one gig in his memory. The gig turned out to be amazing. The Academy in Sutton was sold out and £1200 was raised for the hospice where Trevor spent his last weeks. The band, now joined by Gary Hunsley on drums, played like they'd never been away. April 2008 saw Virgin Radio launch their "One Last Dream" competition whereby an old band was to be reunited and reformed in a bid to open for Eric Clapton in Hyde Park on June 28th. Guess who won it!

So now Steve Boyce, Rick Luck, Ronni Sims and Gary Hunsley have added Dominick Kench on guitars together with Sarah, Sasha and Anthea on backing vocals to the line up.

The Steve Boyce Band
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