For the Hard Rock Cafe and Hard Rock Calling show in Hyde Park the Steve Boyce Band guitarists used Carlsbro Amps and Speaker Cabinets.

The Steve Boyce BandOur tour manager Paul Newcomb had worked with Carlsbro in the past and had a similar set up on the road with Leslie West, Mountain and Stray.
"We needed something reliable for these shows and my first thought was Carlsbro. They had supported my musicians in the past and have a great way of working. I have had other 'big name' equipment out on tour before and frankly wouldn't take it out again - I don't care what name is splashed across the cabs. This Carlsbro equipment is well built and heavy with it, but the guitarists love the sound. Very British. Very Rock."

Dom Kench (lead guitar and renowned fiddler/twiddler and general onstage sound pain in the butt) says....
"The Carlsbro head and cab I used at the HRC and Hyde Park had a great sound. In the HRC I used the head thru only 2 of the 4 12 inch speakers. At Hyde Park I used all 4 - I did not need the extra 4x12 cab - at 1/3 volume that head and cab had more than enough throw and volume.
Very punchy and full sound yet with tremendous clarity - especially bearing in mind I use a standard 1973 Fender Strat with stock pick ups and just an old Tokai overdrive pedal (circa 1983). I used it on 50 W setting on channel 2 at about 1/3rd of max power and at that point it came to life - on the recording you can hear the sound - quite distinctive and unique - much clearer than the 1973 Marshall I used before- I really liked the sound of that particular carlsbro head the way I set it.
An ideal set up for me would be 2 of those with a power break on each and an A/B footswitch to keep the actual volume down but maintain that response/sustain and body of sound.
All I had to do to clean up the sound was back off the volume control on my guitar and it gave me a beautiful warm, sustained, vintage blues/soul tone - loved it".

The Steve Boyce BandSteve Boyce says...
"Great sound range from clean to downright dirty. Very loud! Had mine set on the half power setting. Nice and rugged just like a classic amp should be. Move over Marshall... I was concerned that the guitars would swamp the stage but even on the smaller stage at The Hard Rock Cafe the sound was clear and tight".

Big Mick (SBB crew) says...
"God! These are heavy!"
The Steve Boyce Band
The Steve Boyce Band
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