14th June 2010
Strange things sometimes happen. Especially when you're in the Steve Boyce Band! Last week Steve was approached to do a session for a local businessman. It was a version of Daydream Believer with a change in lyrics to cheer on our World Cup squad. The singer never showed for the session so Steve did it himself. What was not mentioned at the time was that the track would be released as a single with airplay on Radio 2 and Talk Sport.
So it's out this week. A little left-field (excuse the pun) for SBB but it could be the first time that we trouble the chart compilers. Oh, and it's called CHEER ON STEVIE G and it will be available from iTunes from Wednesday 16th June. C'mon England!

10th May 2010 - Silja Rock 2010
Not even the threat of a volcanic ash could keep The Steve Boyce Band out of Stockholm for the rock cruise of the year. In a slight change of routine, the boys flew into Sweden on the same day as we were due to set sail from Stockholm, and despite some delays, comfortably made the ship with an hour or so to spare. In fact the whole day went smoothly as SAS checked the band and all of their equipment in at Heathrow in record time and the boys and girls even had time for a civilised breakfast – well most of them managed a civilised breakfast.
The two hour 'hop' over to Arlanda was also incident free and our Artist liaison was waiting for us. The coach had a to make another stop at Terminal 2 to pick up The Quireboys who were flying in from Hanover via Vienna… (who books some of these itineraries?). A 45-minute bus ride brought us to the Ocean Terminal which was teeming with fans boarding our ship, m/v Silja Symphony. It looked like the assembly point for a Viking invasion and it was obvious that even Vikings need Dutch courage.
Surely they weren't all pissed, already?
At 5pm the three long blasts from the ship's horn announced two facts – we were sailing, and the party begins. Half an hour later the SBB joined the Promoters for the official welcome dinner… we shared our table with the Irish band Glyder who had just played in Stockholm the night before. They seemed a nice quiet bunch of guys…
With the SBB not playing until Saturday night, they had a quiet evening off and most of it was spent in the lounge/casino bar watching the people and their vast capacity for alcohol. There is no doubt that when a Swede falls over, the collapse is like a 50 year old pine tree that has been felled with a chainsaw … spectacular. We caught most of Glyder's set and very good it was too, before Ian Hunter and The Rant Band took to the stage. Opening with 'Once Bitten Twice Shy' they effortlessly played a mixture of old and new Hunter material before rolling back the years with 'All the Way from Memphis'. Unfortunately they ran out of time so all the old dudes in the audience will have to wait until next time to relive their younger days. From our exclusive vantage point at he side of the stage we noted that Ian Hunter launched himself off the 5ft stage at the end of the set - a remarkable feat given his… err… years in the business. Madman! He confirmed that he was fine afterwards and was last seen walking the corridors with a bottle of champagne in the wee hours – brilliant. The night closed with Swedish band Treat who belted out a traditional rock set to a raucous audience.

Day two… I think that we all made it down to breakfast. We arrived in Helsinki. Possibly the most boring city in the world – no wonder they have such a high suicide rate. The band ventured ashore and confirmed that the statue that they were photographed under last year is still there. The coffee and cakes in the executive lounge took a bashing before we headed down to sound check. We caught The Quireboys finishing theirs and it is easy to see how they have become a major attraction on the live circuit. Despite their reputation as one of the hardest partying bands around they are a great bunch of guys who seem to have time to talk and laugh with everyone.
Twenty minutes later SBB too are finished and a big thanks to Stefan and his team who make everything so easy. There is no sign of Dan Reed so we disperse to our cabins for a rest before dinner in the Swedish Buffet later.
These dinners are something of a quiet affair and everyone tries to keep off the beer until after the show. Even the bottles of house wine on the table go virtually untouched - which is a crying shame given the cost of alcohol and the inevitable shortage that will occur later in our dressing room. With an onstage time of 9pm, the hour or so flies by before we meet in what has become our regular dressing rooms down the well trodden flight of stairs below stage level. This year the promoters have done us proud on the rider again, and a feast of open sandwiches, a cheese board bigger than most in restaurants, and what some joker christened a fruit plateau rather than platter and various accompaniments greet us in the room – there was also some alcoholic refreshments. Just some.….
Going on stage at the slightly earlier time of 9pm was always going to be a bit more difficult as the audience made their way from dinner to bar to nightclub. A good few were already on the dance floor as the boys, led by The Ringmaster Steve, took to the stage. Very soon the floor was filled and the fun began. One thing you cannot deny is that the Swedes have great memories and a cool sense of humour. Choruses of 'Cheers Our Table' rang out and coins were tossed at Rick's feet. By 'Transmitter' the audience were going for it and the whole place was rocking out. As the band finished their set and were about to return to the stage for the encore they were told that time was too tight and Steve graciously bowed to the stage manager's request not to do another. It is always disappointing as a musician not to go back on when the audience clearly wants you to. However the production team are first class and it would have been unfair on them. Apologies to those fans who wanted 'one more song' – we'll make it up to you next time. We promise!
Now last year we started a trend with an impromptu after-show party in our dressing room which included Dan Baird's band and TSOOL. Obviously word had got around! After a short cooling off period the first 'vistors' arrived. Thomas Larsen with our old friend the pixie hated madman in a red skirt amongst others. Glyder arrived with their beautiful manager Helena. Now these guys are cool and we genuinely wish them all the very best. It will be great to hook up with them again when they visit London next. The quiet Dan Reed proved hero of the event as he made his way to the stage through our noisy guests armed only with an acoustic guitar to face the crowd. Dan's keyboard player had been taken ill in Stockholm. However, Anthea, one of our singers is a big Dan Reed fan and just before he went on stage he promised to dedicate a song to her, it being her birthday. Now I have heard a lot of people say that kind of thing only to instantly 'forget' as soon as they get on stage. Dan is not one of those. He is a very surprising guy. When he finished his set he gently closed the door of his dressing room and was noticeably quiet. We all went back to the side stage for a quick boogie along to The Quireboys before returning to our party. Emerging from his dressing room Dan Reed joined in the party with a display of his balancing tricks which were successful only to a degree – where did that glass bowl go Dan? He then brought out his guitar and cool as you like started entertaining everyone – amazing. The Quireboys apparently don't need any invitation to a party… and were as entertaining offstage as they are on. They are also generous and invited SBB to utilise their rider, as ours was decimated! Cheers lads. Chris Laney was having a great time with our cheese board and we hope that he took it with him when he finally left - if he finally left. When a young lady refers to an open prawn sandwich as lots of 'little penises on bread' you know that it is time to call it a night.

Sunday… a rather subdued breakfast room, unsurprisingly. No Ebbot collapsing through the buffet table and no sign of The Quireboys or Glyder for some strange reason. Dan Reed has asked if he can travel to the airport on our bus which was an honour for us, and we slowly make our way off of the Silja Hangover. But what? Literally as we are just about to set off to the airport we hear that Spike and boys need a lift too… their guaranteed late check out has just been unguaranteed! As they jump on the bus with us there are already whispers of finding a pub en route to the airport. I have no doubt that this whisper was in a Geordie accent. Oh boy, this could be a long day except we are already running tight on our 1pm flight to London. Some hurried goodbyes outside the terminal with the promise/threat of meeting up in bar after check-in. We are lucky, our flight departs roughly on time and The Quireboys have several hours to kill before theirs. I wonder how they will spend their time... hmmmm...

23rd March 2010
After a fairly quiet couple of months the boys are gearing up to return to Sweden and the Silja Rock Cruise in May. This year they will be sharing the bill with Ian Hunter, The Quireboys and Dan Reed. So it is quite a line up. A lot of friends and fans have asked how they book up to go. The best way is to go to the promoter's website - although most of it is Swedish you can send them an email and we are sure that they will get back to you.
One of the features of The Steve Boyce Band has been our geat backing singers. We realised that we have not really given them much coverage on this site before so here you go...

The Steve Boyce Band 'Amfy' joined shortly before the Hyde Park show and was really thrown in at the deep end and has gone on to play all the gigs with SBB. She is a real 'local' girl coming from Croydon - the spiritual home of The Steve Boyce Band - and fits in great with boys in band.
Amfy has been singing for 'ages' and has recently been playing alot a guitar and wrting her own material.
She likes Muse, System of a Down and is a generally a bit more up to date than the rest of us! On stage she keeps the vocal together for everyone and off stage Amfy is so laid back that she is just great to be around when everyone else is stressing out.

"Sure, getting up on stage in front of 20,000 people at Hyde Park was amazing with Steve and the boys but the Silja show was something very special. 1,800 music fans just there to enjoy themselves and really getting into the music. I couldn't believe the crowd singing along to the choruses. How the hell did they know the songs? Amazing... fucking amazing... can I say that?"
The Steve Boyce Band
Steve certainly had a stroke of luck when he met up with Angela while they both happened to be working in adjacent studios in London last year. Angela had ben singing in various bands for quite a while and more recently had her own band which played accross the UK and southern Europe.
She recorded and produced an album for a major label back in the late 1980s but it was never released as the label moved away from rock and invested in pop much to its cost.
More recently Londoner Angela was working on the club circuit but was becoming increasingly frustrated doing covers and was focusing on The West End stage.

"It got to the point where I just wanted to go out and rock. The Steve Boyce Band has certainly done that for me. I love The Stones, Meatloaf and Fleetwood Mac because they really give you the opportunity to SING! Sweden will be my first real show with the boys and I cant wait!"

14th October 2009
Guitarist Ronni Sims recently took part in an interview which you can read HERE.

28th September 2009
The Steve Boyce Band returned to Sutton to play one of two special London shows with their old friends STRAY. SBB headlined at the Boom Boom Club earlier in the summer and it showed as a large crowd turned up early to catch them. Several fans were at pains to point out that they were there, at Carshalton Park, on Friday 4th June 1976. This was the first time that Steve supported STRAY and the cause of much hilarity back stage as Steve and Del argued about who was younger...
It was no secret that Steve had been away in the USA for three weeks prior to the gig, arrving back only the night before. The lack of rehearsal was obviously a concern but Steve pulled it off, aided by a rare appearance by Sasha on backing vocals. Her first SBB show since August last year!
With no time to work on any new numbers for the set, SBB managed to include a couple of songs that they had only performed in Sweden back in May. Hands of Time was new to most of the audience whilst some of the more mature crowd recognised The Artist, which was always one of the favourites back in the day. This was an ideal audience for SBB comprising of existing fans and a new crowd ready to listen to classic rock performed as it should be. The band made a lot of new fans and it proved what a success these type of shows are. Given a 45-minute slot, the band ripped through the set before making way for Del, Karl and Stuart.
STRAY powered through what seemed like a 'Best of ...' set including several songs from their brilliant new album Valhalla. It never ceases to amaze how much energy Del puts into his shows and yet again confirmed that STRAY are winning new fans wherever they go.
Although Steve and Del go way back it was great to see both bands enthusiastically watching each other's set. There is not too long to wait until the next show together either. On Saturday 17th October STRAY and the STEVE BOYCE BAND join forces again at The Royal Standard in Walthamstow, London and you know what ...... I have a funny feeling that this will not be the last.
Lastly a big thank you from Steve and the band to everyone who turned out on Friday. We look forward to seeing you in Wathamstow.

14th September 2009
Only a couple of weeks to go now before the boys return for a couple of shows with STRAY. Stray have had a busy summer with some critically-acclaimed performances on the festival circuit and last night they played a near sell-out show over in Chislehurst. To avoid disappointment order your tickets in advance for Sutton's Boom Boom Club on Friday 25th Sept at www.feenstra.co.uk.
Steve Boyce is presently out in the United States (more news on that later! ) but promises a rockin' show at Sutton. 'We are stripping it back to basics for this show and going to play a rock set with all the old favourites. We can't wait to hook up with Del Bromham again and you're guaranteed a lot of fun – see you there!

1st August 2009
First and foremost we would like to apologise to all of you who went to The Water Rats last Tuesday expecting to see us play.
The gig was pulled on us at about 4 pm on the day – we were all there ourselves, fully expecting to play. The promoters told us that there had been a mix up and that they had double booked the bands. Considering that the Steve Boyce Band were the first band to have been booked into the venue on this date we find their explanation somewhat less than credible. We have asked the promoter, Monto Water Rats, for a statement on several occasions this week and none has been forthcoming so, at this late stage, we do not expect one.
We had been looking forward to this gig because we haven't played in London for quite some time. Furthermore, under the contract with Monto Water Rats we were restricted to not playing any other London shows for 30 days either side of this date.
Our biggest concern is for our fans. We know that a lot of you had planned to attend and some were travelling long distances. Again we can only offer our sincere apologies for any inconvenience and wasted time.
We will be playing two fantastic shows in September and October. Our old friends STRAY have invited us to be their special guests show in South London and North London. For us it will be a welcome return to The Boom Boom Club in Sutton on Friday 25th September. Advance tickets should be booked in advance for only £10.00 from www.feenstra.co.uk. Then we will be at The Royal Standard Music Venue in Walthamstow on Saturday 17th October. See you soon!
Best Wishes from Steve, Rick, Ronnie and Gary.

18th July 2009
The Steve Boyce Band are pleased to announce that they will be the special guests of one of Britain's most enduring rock bands STRAY on Fri 25th Sept at The Boom Boom Club in Sutton and on Sat 17th Oct at The Standard Music Venue in Walthamstow. More details to follow.

9th June 2009
We are pleased to announce that the EP tracks Poor Child and Transmitter / Receiver (mixed by Chris Tsangarides and Pete Hammond) are now available to download from iTunes. The 4 track CD can also be purchased via the website for £4.99 incl postage and packing - details to follow or use the contact link.

30th May 2009
Negotiations are well in hand for some special dates this Autumn here in the UK. Keep posted right here for news.

24th May 2009
We're back! Our trip to Sweden was a blast! Read all about it, with photos, .HERE

18th May 2009
Steve appeared on the Chistian O'Connell breakfast show on Absolute Radio this morning to talk about Hard Rock Calling 2009 and the Steve Boyce Band's activities over the last year. Christian played Transmitter/Receiver and Steve told him about the single Poor Child b/w Transmitter/Receiver and forthcoming trip to Scandinavia. You can keep up to date with the band's activities in Sweden and Helsinki right here with Steve's Diary. The band leave for Stockholm tomorrow and the tracks should be available on i-Tunes later this week.

11th May 2009
Steve, together with the boys and girls, played a warm up gig at Sutton's Boom Boom Club last night before they head out to Scandinavia next week. The band played an 80-minute revamped set which included three 'new' songs. They opened with the new single Poor Child and rocked their way through to a closing Ladykiller. They encored with No Entry - ironically the song that they opened with at last year's Hard Rock Calling in Hyde Park. After the show Steve said 'We were very happy with the show and thought that the new numbers fitted in well - I was especially pleased with Sarah and Anthea. It was the first show that they have done without Sasha and the vocals were excellent.'
The show was a good way to round off a busy weekend which saw the debut airplay of Poor Child on Total Rock Radio's 'Doom & Co Show', presented by Malcolm Dome. 'We hope that we will have the download release sorted out by the end of the week - it has been delayed because of the record label interest. Obviously this is a good thing but we are impatient and just want it out there ' said Rick Luck. More news on this very soon.

5th May 2009
The release of the new double A-Side single Poor Child + Transmitter/Receiver has been delayed until mid May whilst negotiations with a major record label are taking placeThe boys have been in rehearsal for the forthcoming dates and have added several new songs to the set. The support act at The Boom Boom Club in Sutton on Sunday 10th May will be the hard rocking blues trio The Danny Giles Band. The Steve Boyce Band will be appearing live on the following dates:

Sunday 10th May 2009 - The Boom Boom Club - Sutton - Surrey. Doors open 7.30pm - Admission £8.00 advance, £10.00 on the door.

20th to 22nd May 2009 - Silja Rock Cruise - Stockholm - Sweden

The Steve Boyce Band
On 2nd October 2008 Absolute Radio broadcast their Breakfast Show live from Abbey Road Studios. A call went out to form a house band for the occasion and as a result Steve found himself playing live on the Breakfast Show in the legendary Studio 2 at Abbey Road.
Not only did the house band perform brilliantly, but Steve was also interviewed live on air by Christian O'Connell. The band played the Hayling Island Festival on 30th August 2008 supporting Fish. They delivered a fantastic set and received a great response from an enthusiastic audience.
Ronnie and Steve were both in the studios Tues 5/8/08, laying down guitars for the new release which coninues to generate interest. The boys should finish recording early next week and then the tracks will go down to be mixed by legendary producer Chris Tsangarides. Chris is one of the world's most respected rock producers having worked with Black Sabbath, Thin Lizzy, Gary Moore, Judas Priest, Y+T, Bruce Dickinson and Malmsteen.

Saturday 30th August - The Hayling Island Festival supporting FISH

The Steve Boyce Band The Steve Boyce Band went into the recording studios in July to record Transmitter/Receiver and Poor Child. Discussions are under way with a well known producer and the tracks should be available as downloads in the near future. We'll keep you updated right here - so keep checking back.

The Steve Boyce Band
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